Can you taste it? The long weekend beckons and if the weather holds, you’ll be grillin’ and chillin’ with your Android. Get your social calendar in order with the CallerID-on-steroids app, CallApp.

For fun, try the sci-fi shoot-em’-up Mass Effect Infiltrator or the movie promo game, Men In Black 3.

Men In Black 3 (Free)

What timing! This movie tie-in game arrives just before the film itself (which bows this weekend). Have you ever watched the MIB series and thought to yourself, “Who is running this nuthouse?” In this game, that would be you!

Now, you are in charge of the Men In Black government agency and, like the you-build-it genre games, you must add rooms and upgrade weapons to make the place run smoothly. Following the plot of the latest installment, you’ll travel back in time to 1969 New York City to foil the future attack of The Radiant on the human race.

Gather recruitments by using Facebook or GameLoft LIVE to reach out to friends. You gain points for visiting their HQ and vice versa. Don’t worry – you won’t remember any of this!

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