While the promise of new input methods like waving your hands (think Kinect for Android) or Like to search for stuff? Doodle Hunt will test your skills. This top-rated puzzler first asks your to choose your “stage” – the Mall, House, School, or University – then pick your “room” inside the stage – from there, you’re ready to hunt.

The screen fills with doodles of things typically found in such a room – cakes, muffins, and bread in the bakery, for example – and asks you to hunt for a specific number of particular objects – like three loaves of bread. It’s not just a game of simple matches, as some of the tasks will test your knowledge – like the periodic table label for Sodium or the Finnish flag.

Earning money at each stage lets you unlock higher stages within the first set of 20 (with over 300 different objects). OpenFeint support allows you to brag to your friends and entice them into the fun.