Need more proof that Android phones offer more customization options than iOS? Look no farther than the lock screen personalization app called Screen junkE.

If you’ve lost your toolbox, use Measure it Lite for home improvement tasks and, in games, check out Tap Dragon Park for some train-your-dragon action, and Skywise Runner Zeewe for some Avatar-like fun.

Skywise Runner Zeewe (Free)

Go green and run like heck! You play Ciellu, a member of the ancient tribe of that protects the Skyland Forest. Unfortunately, the lumberjacks have arrived to turn the forest into a bunch of woodchips.

You’ll need to run and run to capture the magical crystal power-ups that will repel the tree cutters. Gather enough power-ups and you will gain the power to shape-shift to other forms including an eagle to fight from the treetops. The further you run, the more you’ll uncover the secret of the Skyland Forest.

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