Today’s fresh Android list helps improve your life. For a less obnoxious device, check out the update to Lookout Ad Network Detector, and for a cloud management tool, download Hojoki.

In games, try the fresh Big Win Hockey and Burn it All.

Burn the Rope? This game takes things a step further in an effort to Burn it All.

Three molten flames have lost their way. You must help them find their way from the hot center of the earth back to their dad, the sun. Each of the flames has special powers that you will use, one at a time, to solve each puzzle and burn a path to the surface.

Each flame has only so much fuel per puzzle and if it burns out before you solve it, you’re done. Make sure to avoid water and gas, which will either extinguish or blast away the flames. If you’re hot, you’ll unlock five worlds, each with 25 different levels.

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