Don’t miss that urgent text because you’re playing a game! Get a clue with the notification turbo-charger called NotifierPro.

For fun, try two run-for-your-life games Run run bear (Doomsday) and Oven Break.

Oven Break (Free)

You’ve heard of a jailbreak, well, for the Gingerbread man, that’s the same thing as an “oven break”. In fact, if the Gingerbread man stays in the oven, it’s a death sentence, so he is running for his life.

Use the friendly controls to help the cookie jump over sharp objects or slide under obstacles. His candy cane will act as a hook to swing from Christmas wreaths and low-hanging fruit. Jellybeans become bonus points and he’ll receive a jumbo bonus for spelling “freedom” from the alphabet candies.

Practice up before the main event in Gingerbread training sessions, then set the difficulty level to soft or crunchy!

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