If current trends continue, one day we will leave most earthly possessions behind and just pack our Android phones as we hit the road. In today’s fresh list, you can kiss your cable TV goodbye (Ever play the Chinese tile-based game called Majhong? Me neither, but this Android game makes me want to learn.

Apparently there are many versions of real Majhong – this game recreates a solitaire version of Shanghai Majhong. The “random” of the title comes from a random board generator making each time you play a new experience with as few as 32 tiles or as many as 152. Zoom in and out and fly across the board to plot your next move.

The rave customer reviews say the beautiful art piece tiles look great whether on an Android tablet or phone. Auto-save and auto-continue let you pick up where you left off. If the solution is just too tough, use the unwind feature to try again or play the solution walk-through of the entire board.