Who says apps have to be serious? The fresh Someecards app turns the e-card phenomenon up to 11 on the funny scale with jokes you can send to those you love (or just tolerate).

For fun, check out Chicken Ninja Ooga Booga, the sequel to the popular chicken hero game, and Pyramid Rising, which transports the you-build-it game craze back to ancient Egypt.

Pyramid Rising (Free)

And you thought running the mob was tough! Here, the you-build-it genre goes old-school (as in ancient), when you’re appointed assistant to royal Egyptian architect Senmut with the task of rebuilding the area around the Nile River.

Manage your resources wisely – including hiring workers and gathering stone – so that you can build structures and upgrade the village. Be warned: there’s a time limit for each level. If you beat the deadline you can earn Golden Scarabs, but if you blow it, the angry god Amen-Ra might destroy Egypt. No pressure!

An in-app purchase unlocks the full 40 levels of the game. Buy the Chaos on the Nile pack and get 15 more.

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