Hope every mom had a happy Mother’s Day! For those that received a new Android device, here are some fresh apps to download.

Turntable.fm jumps into the fray of music services with a new spin. It lets you perform as a DJ for a roomful of listeners who will rate your tune choices. Read more about it below.

In games, check out the sci-fi puzzler called Machinarium and the out-of-this-world driving game called Lunar Racer.

Lunar Racer (Free)

Our astronauts returned from the moon mission with some constructive criticism of the Lunar Rover – they said it should go faster and come with a turbo-charger for racing!

Customize your moon racer with different body and canopy styles, wheels, colors, and turbo-booster rockets. Then, enter the circuit of 16 different moon races on the moons of planets in our solar system. Drive like heck and let the ramps and micro-gravity send your car flipping and flying in order to snatch power-up coins floating in space. Enemy cars will try to slow you down, so be smart and fire the turbo-charger whenever it’s fully charged.

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