I have a Roku device so I’m excited to try to the fresh Roku Android app this week. I may never have to fight for the remote ever again!

In games, check out Heist The Score to take part in a 1920’s bank robbery and Zombie Lane for building a homestead among the undead.

Imagine FarmVille overrun by zombies. In this fresh release from Digital Chocolate, you must make do under the very worst of circumstances – a global zombie infestation. This means you’ll have to make fence repairs to keep the undead off your property, go fetch food and water since all public services abruptly ended, and generally protect your family and stop the zombies from eating all your brains.

Use a shovel, a shotgun, and other crafty weapons you construct yourself to keep the zombie population down. Gather rewards as you complete missions and use them to make repairs and get more gear. In your downtime, customize your character with a new wardrobe and accessories.