One of the great things about Android is how customizable your home screen can be with various widgets that make accessing information more efficient. Tagy puts your favorite apps into a ‘tag cloud’ so you can see which ones you’re using the most and get straight to them quickly. We’ve also got Yellow Pages Goes Green, a business directory that supports environmental awareness, hoping to see more customers opt out of receiving pesky, bulky paper-based phone books.

At its most basic level, Yellow Pages Goes Green is a business directory that helps you find businesses nearby directly from your Android device. It lets users search for desired businesses by location (using GPS and Google Maps), city, state or keyword.

But there’s more to it than that. Yellow Pages Goes Green is at the heart of the movement to limit wasteful paper-based phone directories. The app allows business owners to submit their own listings directly to the website, and if a listing need updating, that request can be made via the app. Yellow Pages is promoting opt-out awareness across the United States and wants to help customers reduce their own environmental footprint in the process.

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