Are we going football crazy? Maybe. We did include Big Win Soccer So here’s an app with plenty of potential for growth (sorry). It was widely featured at the TechCrunch NYC Disrupt 2012 conference not too long ago and while it’s still in beta, it’s definitely worth a look, especially for free. The app allows you to share your mobile Internet connection across other devices like a laptop or PC. It’s a bit like tethering, but without the carrier hassles (or cost) often associated with that. Question is, will the U.S. carriers clamp down on it?

You’ll need to install the app, plus a companion program on your PC or Mac. Then, you simply start the app on both (it’ll request Bluetooth connectivity if it’s not already active) and hey presto, your laptop and smartphone are connected. Open Garden could be very handy when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection available, but while it’s still in beta, some users can probably expect bugs and issues at first.

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