Here’s a couple of fresh apps to keep you happy. If you’re a fan of the Tosh.0 TV show, or just love silly videos in general, then the official app from Comedy Central is worth a download. Once you’re done laughing (and perhaps just in time for the impending start of Euro 2012), check out Big Win Soccer for some card-game footy fun.

Hot on the heels of Big Win Hockey (which made our Fresh Apps a couple of weeks ago) is Big Win Soccer. The pattern here is pretty much the same, but the theme is different, of course. In Big Win Soccer, you’ll spend time creating your very own dream team then watch them compete against opponents from around the world.

Over time, you’ll be able to boost your players and their abilities (shooting, dribbling, passing) in an attempt to win the daily tournaments. Big Win Soccer offers a lot of customization options and cleverly merges card games with the beautiful game to create a fun, strategy experience for footie fans everywhere.

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