The Android browser wars continue with a significant reworking of the Firefox app. Not content to play second fiddle to Chrome Beta, Mozilla’s latest update speeds up web browsing performance and adds more features. We’ve also got Markers, a drawing app which is both pressure-sensitive and multi-touch for better control of your artwork. Finally, there’s Project 83113, a hybrid running/platformer game with a fun gesture-based control system and sparkling graphics.

Project 83113 is a nice hybrid of endless runner and platforming that Android gamers everywhere will enjoy. This action-packed platformer features some novel swipe controls and stylish, colorful visuals with some cool effects.

You taken on the role of Project 83113, also known as ‘Belle,’ and you need to save your people who have been enslaved by robots on a distant world. The gesture-based controls are a little awkward at first, but once you’re used to them, they become fluid and intuitive. You’ll jump and dash your way to victory saving up crystals, finding weapon blueprints, and seeking out hidden items on each level.

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