Think newspapers are having a tough time? Print magazines may not be too far behind. They also are straining to keep their advertisers and revenue in these ever-changing times. Phone viruses and malware got you worried? This app aims to calm your fears.

It provides four different modes of protection. In Antivirus mode, it scans app for viruses. By tracking developer and application ratings, it can alert you to suspicious apps before you download them. The Spam Filter checks for incoming calls from known spam numbers. And, the App Manager allows you to manage and run potentially dangerous apps from a single screen.

Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99, Amazon Appstore)

If humans can’t defeat zombies what chance does a plant have? A pretty good one, apparently. The plants of this addicting game sport all kinds of zombie-crushing features like the ability to shoot deadly peas, act like land mines, or bombs. That’s the good news.

The bad news? The zombies, too, have special skills and can pole vault, thwart attacks with bucket helmets, and more. You’ll have to do battle over a variety of terrains including a swimming pool, rooftop, and during non-optimal conditions like night and fog.

This game lives exclusively in the Amazon AppStore for now, but will be available in the Android Market eventually.