In today’s Fresh Apps, check out Play Safe if you want to make sure the youngsters in your life only access what they should be accessing on your Android smartphone. We’ve also got the lowdown on Viewdini, a new video portal for Verizon Wireless subscribers. Then, get set for the weekend with Renaissance Blood THD, but only if you’ve got a top-notch Tegra 3 device on hand.

Renaissance Blood THD ($3.99)

Just watch the trailer, and you’ll see this new first-person shooter sports some amazing-looking graphics. But all that firepower comes at a cost, as this game is only for Tegra 3 tablets right now. Still, it’s a noteworthy title with dynamic environments, plenty of on-rails first-person action and an immersive storyline.

Renaissance Blood offers full support for USB controllers so tablet users don’t have to suffer with finicky touchscreen issues, which is especially handy for first person shooters. Switch between the shotgun and crossbow with a single tap, or wield the mace to destroy your foes as you travel back to the time of Da Vinci to find the final blueprint that he left behind just before his death.

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