To start the week off right and prepare for the upcoming Olympics in London, check out London 2012 Results, an app that should keep you in touch with all the news, events and winners once the competition gets underway. Next up is Ski Safari, an endless runner with a cute and quirky style and some truly addictive gameplay. Finally, we’ve got Draw Race 2 which turns auto racing into something a bit more strategic with its unique control method.

Draw Race 2 is a racing game with a unique control system that makes it more like a puzzle game. Instead of simply tilting to steer or pressing buttons to speed up or slow down, players need to trace the route of their vehicle before the race begins (speeding up and slowing down the trace as necessary) then sit back and watch how they did.

There’s an extensive single player campaign with a massive 180 challenges to get through and plenty of cool stuff to unlock. You can also race against your friends with the hot seat mode, or online with the friend challenge mode. Draw Race 2 features highly-detailed graphics, good physics and a strategic element not found in most racers.

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