In today’s Fresh Apps, check out CouchSurfing, a social network that’s perfect for those who love to travel and share their experiences. Next up is iFixit, an app from the popular website of the same that features ‘tear-downs’ of popular gadgets so you can find out how to repair them. Finally, it’s time to destroy some evil zombies with the graphically-intensive Dead Trigger.

Here’s a fun zombie shooter for your Android, and if you have a Tegra 3 device, you’ll benefit from extended effects so it’ll look even sharper. The story is fun and throwaway – a virus creates evil zombies and you must destroy them – but Dead Trigger is all about the action.

Taking its cue from first-person shooters, you’ll go locked-and-loaded into battle as you smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, secure vital supplies, save other survivors, and explore the city to uncover the truth. The graphics are impressive, with advanced lighting and post-process effects. There are plenty of interesting weapons and gadgets to employ, though these will require in-app purchases, despite the initial 99-cent cost.

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