Did you enjoy the Fourth of July and relax with a day off work? Get back into the daily grind with our Fresh App selection today. Google Analytics will allow you keep track of your website’s stats and traffic, Flow offers a smart new way to view product information, while Echo lets you send short messages to people in your immediate vicinity.

Here’s a new messaging concept which is currently in beta, so might be a little rough around the edges as the developers continue to work on new features. In addition, the user-base is a little paltry right now, but hey, that’s where you come in, right?

As we all know, there are hundreds of ways to message and connect with friends, but Echo works a little differently. It lets you send messages out to people geographically close to you, who, in turn, can read and send out their own messages. These snippets are then ‘echoed’ again, thus forming a pattern that could end up spreading all over the world.

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