In today’s Fresh Apps check out the new VLC Beta which should have no problem playing any kind of media you throw at it, providing it works on your device. Next up, we’ve got Imgy, an app that can display loads of icons on your home screen and will adapt depending on how many there are and how often you use them. Finally, unwind with Disney’s new Where’s My Perry? with its physics puzzles that are sure to flex some mental muscles.

Where’s My Water? comes a game with a similar concept but a different protagonist. This time round, Perry is a fedora-sporting platypus spy from the Disney Channel cartoon Phineas and Ferb. You’ll need to help him reach his HQ for a mission briefing by guiding water to the generators powering the tubes.

There are more than 80 puzzles here across four chapters with further updates promised, so you should get good bang for your buck. These challenging physics puzzles will see you using water in its many different forms (including ice, steam and liquid) to solve them. An evil villain called Dr. Doofenshmirtz scatters lasers across the sewers and you’ll need to use them to help change the water to its different forms.

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