Start the new week by downloading some of your favorite magazines and subscribing to them via your Android device with Google Play Magazines. Next, get your game on in time for the new Amazing Spider-Man movie which will see you battling your way through New York City. Finally, we’ve got Lightopus, a beautiful-looking action/adventure game with an underwater theme.

A popular game on iOS, we’re happy to see Lightopus offered on Android now, and for free. You play as the only Lightopus left alive, an underwater species on the brink of extinction. You’re charged with rescuing the young Lightopus (Lightopii?) and freeing them from the monsters in the Abyss.

Lightopus offers interesting gameplay, and you’ll need to balance your ability to survive with the need to score more points in each level. The game features some very pretty illuminated graphics, but the developer’s notes warn that it’s a CPU- and GPU-intensive game, so low spec devices may experience a decrease in performance.

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