No, TiVo isn’t dead, in case you were wondering. The official TiVo app has landed on the Android Market and it aims to make your DVR-ing into a transcendent experience in this New Year.

Jump in on a new open Beta of SoulCraft (Tegra-based devices only for now) or go nuclear in Heli Strike.

It’s the ultimate worst case scenario. A mysterious enemy army has captured a nuclear missile facility and plans to make the world toast. You command a secret helicopter assault team and you’ve been sent in to destroy everything and kill everyone. So much for the complexities of enemy engagement!

Before you begin, things get a little worse, if you can believe it. Every other ‘copter in your squad has been shot down or captured – now the world depends on you. Use a variety of integrated weapons to pilot your chopper past surface to air missiles, tanks, and other obstacles. There are no limits to your ability to make things go boom – even the gardens react to your explosives.