Mid-January is not too early in the year to plan your next vacation. Let’s make 2012 a year of new adventure and breaking out of old routines. Why stay in a hotel when you can use Airbnb to rent a villa on the east coast of Borneo?

Get your magic on with Seal the Monsters and make yourself feel stupid by downloading Mind Games.

You are the only living “sealer” and no that isn’t a home improvement skill, for gosh sakes, it’s magic! Monsters roam the earth and you must encircle as many as you can with your mystical invocation (also known as drawing a circle with your finger) to trap them and banish them from earth. Draw special patterns to unleash powerful spells that effect every monster on the screen, including fire and ice. Combo moves earn extra points.

Choose to fight in survival mode, where you try to stop the monsters from forming a pack, or time mode, where you have thirty seconds to trap as many demons as you can.