Here’s to a year of imagination! Check out the Tricorder app for a blast from the sci-fi past that’s both clever and based in reality. For some destructive fun, try Ice Breaker! and to stave off dementia, download Azada.

Misty-eyed over the old, classic game Myst? Cheer up, a new 21st century puzzle mystery, called Azada has arrived fresh in the Android Market.

Trapped in a magical room, a mysterious character named Titus asks you to help free him by filling in the pages of an enchanted book. Doing so will require you to solve several puzzles that ratchet up in difficulty as you go. Expect beautiful graphics, thoughtful challenges and mood music to set the scene.

This free starter requires a 33MB download after launch, but to get the full game, you’ll need to buy it through an in-app purchase for about 4 bucks.