What’s more fun than tracking a package? Tracking your pizza from creation to its drop off at your door. Download the fresh Domino’s Pizza USA app to stalk your own pizza.

Shogun delivers a retro game in a new touchscreen version, and Where’s My Landing? helps you practice for the worst-case-scenario of air travel.

It’s said that the most dangerous times of plane flight are the takeoffs… and the landings! This app will show you just how dangerous the landing part can be. Your small private plane is just about run out of fuel and you’ll have to land in the next few seconds. Unfortunately, the ground below offers no obvious runway so you must create one by clearing the obstacles including trees, stone columns, and other hazards with your on-board bombs to flatten the ground into something useful.

You’ll only be able to make a couple of passes before you run out of fuel and crash so you need to be accurate with your bombs. Watch out for water hazards ‘cause you don’t have any pontoons!