Congratulations, you made it to Friday again! I bet you had the help of your Android device and a few fresh apps. Here’s a few more: Use Helicon Remote to pair your Android and your DSLR camera and, in games, play One Epic Game for over-the-top adventure and Ninja Chicken for the heartwarming tale of a farm animal assassin.

Enjoy your long Presidents Day weekend and I’ll meet you back here on Tuesday.

And you thought brain injuries were only traumatic for humans. In this addictive game, a farm accident leaves a chicken believing she’s the ultimate ninja on a heroic quest!

Now you control the masked chicken’s actions as she runs, jumps and ducks her way through 25 levels of dangerous adventure on her way to becoming a full-fledged ninja. Be warned: the chicken must pause every so often to lay an egg before continuing on but that’s ok because every ninja is a little chicken on the inside.