Today’s Fresh Android Apps features a couple of web browsers that have been designed to create a faster searching experience and to improve bookmark organization.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser (Android) FREE

The beta release of popular web browser Mozilla has just made its way onto the Android platform. A devout Firefox user, I was pretty excited to learn that your page history, bookmarks, tabs and passwords can be synchronized between desktop and mobile.

Users can get add-ons to customize Firefox exactly the way they would like. You can also type less and perhaps save a little time by browsing with something called the “awesome” bar.

Miren Browser update (Android) FREE

Miren Browser is a full tabbed browser with smart full-screen mode. It supports Flash and has a bookmark management feature that includes folders. The most recent update allows for alphabetic sorting of bookmarks, and users can now scroll through webpages using your Android’s volume button. The developers have also fixed a number of stability issues.