Today’s Fresh Android apps features a brand new e-book service by a popular web search giant Google, and a way to ensure that your private double-life stays under wraps.

Everybody’s got a dirty little secret, but some hidden truths are less forgivable than others. Do you have a girl or guy on the side? Or, perhaps a little less dramatic, are you planning a big surprise, but you have a nosy significant other? Loky is an app that creates a secure, private area on your Android phone. Set a password and you can tuck away sensitive contacts, filter their texts away from your regular SMS inbox, hide your replies, and even store sensitive media files and documents.

Possibly the feature that sets this apart from any other app like it is the “shake-to-close” feature, which closes out the app when the phone is rattled — you know, in case someone sneaks up on you while you’re doing something potentially incriminating.