Do you carry a phone and a digital camera? Not many do, instead preferring to carry just one device. If you want to upgrade your Android device’s camera, take a look at UCam.

For fun, get behind the wheel of a tank in Tank Riders, or drive a blazing-fast fanboat in Shine Runner.

Drive to stay alive! Here you play the role of a moonshine runner who delivers all his wares via water rather than land.

Pilot a fast flat-bottomed fanboat of the kind you’ve probably seen in videos about the Florida Keys. Blast through docks, jump wooden ramps, smash sheds, and plow through gators and chickens in this “completely destructible environment” as you run from the police and catch coins for extra points.

Expect tilt or touch controls, detailed animation, and OpenFeint support. Maximize the smuggling of both moonshine and “tobacky” for the highest score.