Only a few shopping days left before the holidays. Maybe give some fresh Android apps as gifts, although, without a gift card feature in the Android Market you might just have to hand out cash to pull this off. Check out Frontline Commando, Grand Theft Auto III, and Sonic CD and tie a bow around the Android device of a family member or friend.

Want to highlight the fact that your phone isn’t an iPhone? Change the unlock screen with MiLocker.

Frrrreeeeeeddoooommmmm! Don’t let your phone maker decide what type of unlock screen you get. Make your own. This app provides a gallery of wallpaper and lock choices to personalize the entryway to your Android device.

Choose from sci-fi metallic to artsy risqué. Pick vertical slide, horizontal slide, multipoint touch, or animation maneuver. Cutting-edge designers vie to have their work included in this app. Android root access used to be required for this customization feature but no longer.