Instant Messaging feels passé for personal communications, but it’s all the rage at work. Lync is the latest chat service from Microsoft and now it’s a fresh app in the Android Market.

Two former iOS games spring up on today’s fresh list – Peggle, like a new version of Pachinko, and Plants vs. Zombies, like something you’ve never seen before.

First a popular PC game, then a huge hit in the iTunes App Store, then an exclusive in the Amazon Appstore, and now, fresh in the Android Market.

This undead twist on a tower defense features a simple premise – stop the zombies from crossing your lawn because, if they do, they’ll eat your brain. Unfortunately, all you have for weapons are a bunch of different plant species. Fortunately, these plants are more dangerous than a crib full of machetes. They shoot peas and other deadly vegetables that knock zombie blocks off.

A lot depends on the sun. When you plant sunflowers, it drops from the sky in little energy balls you’ll need to plant more flora. Just watch out when night falls!