Halo remains a great game franchise but it’s not very portable. I tried to pry my flat screen off the wall, so I know. Your next best move may be to download the Halo companion app Halo Waypoint.

For a fast and pain free flight in Europe, try easyJet, and for building and defending your own kingdom, download Little Empire.

Halo isn’t just a game. It’s a career. This companion app lets you oversee your Waypoint Career progress, complete with Halo: Reach stats, your game history, your team’s campaign progress and a breakout of stats by weapon and enemy.

Use the app during your Halo: Reach battles for viewing multiplayer and firefight maps in real-time and scouting the locations of weapons and vehicles. Create a custom challenge right from the app and invite your friends to play it. Take Halo to go!