We’re entering the weekend with three fine apps. Slices for Twitter offers a great way to chop up your Twitter content so you can easily keep track of the things you enjoy the most, and separate it from other stuff. Then there’s Perfectly Clear for Android, which claims to be able to create stunning images from your washed-out or underexposed smartphone photos. We’ve also got Megatroid, an old-school platformer in spirit, but with a cool space-themed 3-D look and feel.

Wisp. What makes Megatroid interesting is that no two runs are ever the same – each time you play, it generates new stages so there are infinite possibilities.

You play as Hali, a female space marine, and your goal is to free the galaxy from the grasp of the almighty machine empire, The Imperium. Clearly taking its inspiration from old-school platformers like MegaMan (with refreshed 3-D visuals), you’ll have access to weapons, armor, power-ups, and you can even share the levels that you generate with friends.

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