Google would prefer you keep your files and multimedia “in the family” rather than send it off to other cloud storage like Dropbox or Evernote. Their new storage offering is called Google Drive.

In games, try Basketball Shootout (3D) for some mobile madness and Bird Jump for catching some air.

Bird Jump (Free)

What goes up must…. oh never mind! Angry Birds spawned a thousand copycat physics games, but in this case, the bird copies the original jump-master: Doodle Jump.

The bird star of this jumping game wants to fly high but instead of using his wings, he’ll bounce upward on platforms as you tilt your Android device right and left to plant his feet properly.

Just like other such games platforms sometimes slide out of the way or sport dangerous obstacles that will knock the bird out of the sky. Fortunately, the bird can land on a power-up that will puff him up with super leg strength or protect him from disaster.

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