With all the free cloud storage out there, you may never need to keep a file locally on your Android ever again. In today’s fresh list, LogMeIn launches a new storage service and app called Cubby.

Embarrass yourself by breaking out in uncontrolled laughter in public when you download The Daily Show Headlines and have some destructive fun playing Demolition Inc. THD.

Mike has a challenging job. He is in charge of a demolition crew. The thing is, Mike’s an alien and his job is to destroy the major metropolitan areas of earth with the craziest set of deconstruction tools you’ve ever seen. You must help him complete the task.

Use the tractor beam to control vehicles and ram them into buildings and other objects. Drive a massive wrecking ball through the center of town. Lay down goo to make cars slide out of control and springboards to bounce trucks into skyscrapers. To complete the mission, drop a thermonuclear cow.

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