It’s been an exciting week for Android games. We got what feels like a true adaptation of The Fast and The Furious (the original film, specifically), a game funded via Kickstarter in 2009, and a game based on that movie that came out this weekend. And then there are also some $5 games. Let’s talk about ’em.

FREEQ ($1.99)

When it’s been like 3.5 years since a game was funded on Kickstarter and it’s not out yet, you assume it’s not going to happen. And then, all of a sudden, it’s there sitting on the Google Play store. You’re astounded, and you should be because this game is awesome. In Freeq, you are in command of a CB radio or whatever that can pull in signals through time. You find somebody trying to talk, and you decide who they talk to, and then you can listen to their conversation. Yes, there is a story abd the voice acting is quite good; you’d never guess this was a $16K Kickstarter project. Freeq, it turns out, is one of the highlights of the year so far in Android gaming.

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Iron Man 3 – The Official Game (Free)

A twist on the endless runner formula, this adaptation of Shane Black’s new movie (in name only, really, as this Tony Stark does not look like Robert Downey Jr.) is pretty fun. You fly really fast and collect coins or whatever those red things are, and you try not to collided with buses while shooting down jet planes. Between attempts micro-transactions pop up. You can upgrade your Iron Man suit with the red things you collected, but upgrading makes you wait a few seconds, unless you want to use “iso-8” to speed up the process. Also, after dying you have to sit there for like 15 seconds while your suit repairs, and you can also speed that up. The good thing is that you get like 150 iso-8 to begin with, and that goes a long way. But if you stick around long enough to use it all, you might get frustrated.

CSR Racing (Free)

There are lots of Android racing games, and there are even more racing games in general, but CSR Racing does something I don’t think I’ve seen in any other racer. The game makes you drive in a straight line for a quarter of a mile. As a huge fan of The Fast and The Furious, this makes me really happy as it replicates the street races of the original film in that franchise. In CSR, you don’t steer at all. You just hit the gas pedal and shift gears. It’s all about timing and building a capable car. So you race for money, and you put that money back into your car so you can class up. Of course, it seems as if particular car models show up because companies paid for them to, so you might end up driving a Ford Focus. In a street race. At least the game doesn’t pretend like a Focus is a ten-second car.

Talisman Prologue HD ($4.99)

This is a trading card role playing game. You choose the card you want, and then you go on quests with it, and you can improve your card along the way. But the rules for combat are classic TCG, as success or failure is dictated by dice rolls modified by card stats. Otherwise, it’s a pretty solid tabletop experience on your phone, which is to be expected as this is an adaptation of the old Talisman board game. And it’s a pretty faithful adaptation at that.

Worms 2: Armageddon ($4.99)

If you’ve played Worms games before, then you know what to expect. This is a game in which you are a worm, and you’re trying to kill other worms in a turn-based experience. When it’s your turn (you can play against the computer or a real person), you can move back and forth on the 2-D map, choose your weapon from a very large selection of destruction items (rocket launchers, dynamite, sticky bombs, whatever – there’s like 50 options), and let ‘er rip. You’ve gotta be smart, though, and not accidentally blow yourself up, which I did a lot when I first started playing. But once you figure this thing out, it’s pretty rewarding. This is a game you can come back to for a long time, which feels rare in the mobile environment.

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