The Album Art Grabber Free app (did I mention that it’s free?) scrounges music libraries such as and Musicbrainz for album art/covers to add them to the music you have saved on your SD card in a matter of seconds. It worked like a charm on my Droid X adding the Peaches and Herb “2 Hot!,” Macy Gray “the id,” and Rupert Holmes “Partners in Crime” cover art to my music library. It found cover art for all the music on my Android, but it doesn’t always happen that way, I’m sure. While it does save the album to your phone, it won’t save to the ID3 tag, therefore it won’t save to your computer if you sync.

And, it is so easy to use! All you do is open the app, and press grab. Then, the app automatically adds any cover art it finds to the music collection on your Android.