Google Earth is kinda heading in the right direction, but Google: we want more. Nice email clients and video players just ain’t gonna cut it. Honeycomb is sweet, but if Google really wants to compete in the tablet market, it needs to get a whole lot tastier.

Is that really new?

Ever go to the Android Market, check the front page and wonder just how Google came up with the apps they’re featuring? Sometimes they’re new, but often, they just seem to be showcased for arbitrary reasons. Sure, you can sort to see all the ‘Just In’ apps, but that doesn’t cut out the crap, and it’s up to sites like ours to try and get a handle on what’s really new and fresh. We’d love to see more editorial focus from Google on the hottest apps in the Market, a bit like Apple does with its New and Noteworthy section. In turn, this helps us continue to bring you great coverage on the best Android apps around.

The Nexus S… for everyone

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’d love an Android phone free of all the bloatware and unnecessary apps that come pre-installed on many devices on U.S. carriers. We can root our devices and use a custom ROM to overcome a lot of this, but for many, that’s not ideal. T-Mobile and now Sprint users can get their greasy mitts on the relatively unspoiled Google Nexus S, and it would be great to see that device head over to Verizon and AT&T too. But heck, you can be sure that both networks probably don’t like the idea of selling a device uncluttered with their own branded apps. I’m not sure why customers want to pay for additional navigation apps when Google’s Maps does a perfectly serviceable job. It’s really time to cut the bloatware.

Price Drops in the Market

We’d love to see Google do a better job of showcasing apps that have either dropped in price or just turned free. Right now, it’s pretty difficult to tell when apps go on sale, and it’s something that Apple does way better. That’s why there’s a bunch of apps and web sites out there showcasing recent price drops for iOS apps, but very little for Android. When Google tracks price drops and discounts better, the more fun it’ll be to explore the Android Market. Sure, we have some of the data Google provides in our Price Drops section, but it needs to be readily available and showcased better by Google itself to be a truly effective marketing device.