The free Formspring app seems to be aimed at that annoying friend or family member that asks a million questions. You know the one…where did you get that sweater? What did you eat for lunch? What do you think of my new Android phone? Should I have gotten a Blackberry? NO!

Sign up is a little difficult with the app. I tried the Facebook connect feature but it went south at the selection of a screen name so I logged-in on my computer to complete setup. Then I went back to the Formspring app to check out its features. I was already annoyed at this point.

The questions asked on this app are not particularly profound and lean towards the juvenile. Questions range from “What one thing are you exceptionally good at?” to “Which really came first, the chicken or the egg?” As if I needed another social media network for people to tell me what they enjoy eating for dinner. If you like someone’s answer you can click the smile face to show your appreciation. If you can’t get enough of your friends over-sharing on Facebook and Twitter, then you will absolutely love this app. If you never know what to say on social media, you probably don’t want to even bother with Formspring.

If you needed to conduct some informal research and ask a bunch of your friends or strangers the same question, then this app is right up your alley. Or if you just want to waste some time answering stranger’s weird questions.

The app itself is designed pretty straightforward but isn’t overly visually appealing. Nothing exciting here, so move along folks.