Forget the colorful animal images brimming with cuteness in Everlands Lite, this is a serious game for brainy players who enjoy puzzle games on one hand, and strategy titles on the other. The music is amazing, the visuals are amazing, but most people who pick up this app will quickly discover a depth of play they might have never encountered in a DROID game to date.

Here are the basics. You’re given a set of hexagonal animal tiles to place on the game board. (Placement is critical to winning.) You’ll see arrows around the edges of the tiles, showing where it can attack. Some can attack on only one or two sides, while others can attack on five or all six.

Be sure to place some animals on the borders of your board to protect the weak sides of your tiles; set down tiles next to weaker breeds and attack their weak sides to avoid getting attacked in return. Each tiles has a unique health and attack score. If you overwhelm an opponent, the animal will switch to your side. Likewise, if you let one of your tiles get overrun, it’ll turn on you in a heartbeat.

Place your tiles well, and manage your attacks, and you’ll quickly overcome your foes to win the day. Given the sheer number of unique tiles and their attack/defense profiles, you’ll find the game to be a real challenge nearly from game one.

Keep at it, and you’ll find yourself thinking through even the toughest situations. Worth a download of the trial for sure; a purchase probably will be your next step once this game has charmed you!