Forge super hero armor in The Avengers–Iron Man Mark VII

May 10, 2012
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Apps allow you to immerse yourself in movies like never before. With interactive comic app The Avengers – Iron Man Mark VII, you can dive deeper into the summer blockbuster The Avengers and the head of billionaire super hero Tony Stark in ways you and your Android never imagined. Be warned though, only die-hard fans will enjoy the “story” of Iron Man’s armor upgrades.

The app delivers a digital comic starring Tony Stark and his alter ego Iron Man. It tours the reader through the invention and the six major improvements that Tony Stark added to better fight evil and save the world. Story-wise, the comic speeds through the first two Iron Man movies and just peeks into The Avengers with 15 brand new art pages from Marvel artists.

The cool part stems from the interactivity. Instead of just reading a comic panel by panel, you tap and swipe the characters and objects in the scenes to cause actions – Iron Man shoots energy beams from his palm, terrorists fire guns, robots dress Iron Man in his armor, and a whole lot more. Along the way, when you touch the right parts of the scene you’ll find hidden security tokens that you’ll need to gather for the preview – in sketches – of Iron Man’s latest armor upgrade, the Mark VII. You’ll also need to tilt the device to slot all the security tokens in place to see the sketches. My only complaint was that some of the details were hard to make out on a small Android device screen.

Only comic and movie fans will truly enjoy the ride, but a driving soundtrack and fun sound effects will engage most people. For younger fans, you can set “narration on” and the app will read the story out loud.

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