ESPN Tournament Challenge

The worldwide leader in sports offers the most comprehensive mobile apps for following March Madness. Besides the expected highlight videos, breaking news, and professional coverage, you can fill out your annual bracket and enter the ESPN Tournament Challenge. After you make your picks, you can follow along in real-time. Stay informed of your alma mater’s hardcourt efforts in the My Team section or visit the Bracketology section for projections. ESPN Bracket Bound is most certainly elite, and would crush any opposing mobile app in a game of one-on-one.

NCAA March Madness Live

Last year’s best app is back with all the NCAA tournament streaming your Android smartphone or tablet can handle. With coverage of all 67 games and video highlights provided by Turner Sports and CBS Sports, every college basketball fan needs to download NCAA March Madness Live. You can participate in the app’s Bracket Challenge or chat it up with other fans in the March Madness Social Arena. Typically, NCAA March Madness Live comes equipped with subscription deals, so be on the lookout! For free, it provides scoring and news updates, bracket creators, and an assortment of alerts which will notify you of potential upsets, close games with less than five minutes remaining and games that go into overtime.


During the tournament, you’re most likely going to watch a handful of games by yourself. Don’t fret if your friends can’t hang out, because PlayUp is a fantastic service for sports fanatics who want to stay social. This free community-based Android app lets fans connect and comment, responding to big game moments as they occur. Once you join PlayUp, it’s simple to invite friends from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to game-centric hangouts. While it isn’t specific to NCAA Basketball, the app lets you add NCAA conferences to the app’s home screen. And if you decide during a hangout that you want to meet up with your fellow fans, PlayUp comes with a Pub Locator

Team Stream by Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report is a go-to website for sports addicts that features topical lists, trade scenarios, mock drafts, creative articles and slideshows from a deep bench of staff writers and sports bloggers. Their Android app Team Stream lets you follow any NCAA team you fancy, providing Game Previews that show team leaders in points, rebounds, and assists. Even better, the visual display for comparing Season Averages between teams, game-relevant trivia based on current stats,  player grades, and a Fan Satisfaction Graph. If you prefer following AP’s Top 25 teams, which admittedly comes with more interesting analysis and commentary from the Bleacher Report, then you have that option. When it strictly comes to free sports-related content, the Team Stream Android app is national champion.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo!’s always been big on sports, so you’re sure to get NCAA coverage as well. Its Yahoo Sports app has real-time coverage of the tournament, with a simple interface that’s easy to read and navigate. Free, this Android app delivers play-by-play game updates, with quick tabs for player/game stats, scores, alerts and game details.

CBS Sports

CBS is where many of you will be watching the games, so it’s only fitting that the broadcaster updated its Android app accordingly. The CBS Sports app shows the latest scores, stats and bracket placements for the NCAA Tournament, keeping you in the loop at all times. Log-in to customize your news and player alerts within this free app.

Bracket Tacker

With Bracket Tracker you can run your own March Madness pools, making them social with a bit of competition. Create a pool of your own, or join one started by a friend. Scores update the brackets, and you can track standings while the tournament is in progress. Free, this tracker is newer to the Market, and not as colorful. But it gets the job done. Like many bracket managers, Bracket Tracker lets you create your own brackets to follow along with the NCAA tournament. From there you can create your own pools or join someone else’s, competing against friends to really up the ante around March Madness. Track team standings, view game times and their results. It’s a social way to enjoy March Madness, and can earn you some bragging rights as well.

Yahoo! Sportacular

The Yahoo! Sportacular app follows a range of sports developments, including the latest from the NCAA. Get immediate scores and stats for your favorite teams, and put a widget on your home screen for at-a-glance updates. The idea with Yahoo! Sportacular is to give the quick and dirty notes you need, as well as in-depth details on the game. Get a scoring summary, influential players and team records, with additional access to more stats. The play-by-play detail is what sets this free app apart, plus top stories from Fox, ESPN and The Sporting News. There’s a social component too, with live polls, Facebook sharing and more.

It’s that time of year again. Bosses, go ahead and kiss your employees’ productivity goodbye. March Madness is taking over college sports fans’ attentions, with NCAA bracket pools and live score updates ready at our fingertips, thanks to a growing sea of Android apps. And there’s not much you can do about it, except to join the fun.