There are people in the world who can still see their computer desktop’s background image and who don’t suffer a head injury each time they open up their closet door. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably benefit from the FolderOrganizer app for your Android phone.

There’s an app for everything now. There’s no doubt that if you even occasionally download applications, you have a pretty busy interface. Folder Organizer is an app that helps Android users keep all applications, contacts and shortcuts neatly organized on your phone’s desktop. Group by category, task, whether or not your tools are work-related, or lump together all of the apps that you are comfortable with your children using.

Launch FolderOrganizer and the app will become acquainted with your contacts, bookmarks and other installed apps. Click around on the menu, which has a clean design and intuitive organization pattern, and you’ll find a way to begin categorizing your apps under different labels. You can choose from a list of labels that come standard with FolderOrganizer or you can create your own. Staying true to this app’s purpose, FolderOrganizer itself is a very organized application. It’s very easy to navigate as everything is carefully laid out in a sensible order.

However, when it comes down to putting those actual folders onto your desktop or creating a scrollable widget — the aspects that made this app worth downloading — you may struggle a bit. That’s where the¬†FolderOrganizer¬†website came in. I found the how-to section of the site to be extremely helpful. It was very thorough in teaching you how to get started consolidating all of your apps. It also includes tutorials on how to make use of some of the app’s other features, such as creating your own icons using picture files.

FolderOrganizer will probably save you a lot of time searching for misplaced apps. It might even curb your urge to delete half of your phone’s contents.