The Flyp smartphone app has been designed to provide users with a simple and straightforward way to add up to five additional phone numbers to their device, with an area code of their choosing. Live in Boston but want to establish a San Francisco presence? Add a 415 area code number.

Flyp uses minutes from existing cellular plans instead of tapping into cellular data. This allows Flyp to provide the high voice quality and reliable texting speed that users have come to expect from their respective cellular carriers. With the phone numbers being real and fully functional, the receiving party does not need to have the app installed in order to call or get a call from a Flyp user.

Flyp’s app design focuses on simplicity. All communications (texts, voice calls, voicemails) are visualized in the app’s conversation feed where they are color coded according to the Flyp number used and streamlined by contact – creating a central hub to keep track of all of your ongoing conversations.

There are some issues, too, which hopefully will be fixed in the near future. First, the app drains the battery very fast. It is understandable in some extent due to its complexity, still it is something to be improved. Another issue is the reliability, the app does not work on every mobile as expected and missing important phone calls or texts can be very frustrating.

The first Flyp number is free while each additional number costs a reasonable $3/month (one can get up to five Flyp numbers including the free one). There are many competitors in the field being Google Voice the most noteworthy one when someone is just looking for a second number. However, being able to add more location targeted numbers can be appealing for small businesses looking for virtual presence in several states, which is the main strength of Flyp.

Flyp is a Boston-based team of technologists and entrepreneurs with a goal to make the experience of calling and texting more modern. The founders are out of the telecommunications world and, after building the third-largest global messaging transport company in the world, decided to build a disruptive global telecommunications platform from scratch.

Before you invest in a second smartphone or a burner device, check out Flyp as a potential option to solve your mobile communications needs.