I walked around my house scanning items in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. I had the most luck in the bathroom and at my bookshelf. The app automatically recognized both books I scanned—a Teresa Giudice cookbook and Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde, which are both books you can purchase on Amazon. I also scanned my Nivea lotion and my Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap. The Flow app got the Nivea lotion right and even found it at a discount … score! The Flow app did recognize my Mrs. Meyer’s but instead of hand soap, thought it was a room freshener product. This search shopping app is basically good for finding books, music, and packaged goods.

I will give this app some cool points just for the augmented reality aspect. It’s definitely fun to play around with while walking around your house scanning random items. But is that really useful? And, it does save your product scans for future access, which could be great when you are out shopping and want to purchase an item online at a later date. But the lack of products that are successfully scanned at this time makes this pretty much an unproductive shopping app, at least for me. I would pass on it unless you just want a little scanning fun for the day.

[appbox googleplay com.a9.flow]