If you’ve been known to flick a few paper footballs from your desk to your trash can, then you will love the Flick Kick Field Goal app for Android (99 cents). It is definitely a step-up from paper footballs, and easier to hide from your boss! It is an extremely eye-pleasing game of football flicking with interactive wind experience. Just when you think you have a pattern down, the game throws you for a loop.

Use your finger to slide along your phone’s screen to aim the football through the uprights. Each kick brings a different distance and varying wind power, so you have to stay on top of your game if you want to win. Pick your play style from practice mode, a sudden death match, arcade style or timed attack.

The app is definitely a time-passer and great for staying occupied during commercial breaks on Monday Night Football. Or, use it to occupy time during a boring work meeting! The game does become monotonous after a few flicks, so unless you are looking for a brief time waster, you might want to pass on this arcade-style football-flicking game.