There are many flashlight app on the market and it is undoubtedly a popular app type. Some flashlight apps have more than 500,000,000 downloads. Looks as if every single Android smartphone owner downloaded a flashlight app. The distinctive features are whether the app uses camera light or the screen as well. Of course, the brightness is dependent on the phone type not only on the app. You should be careful with the permissions. Some flashlight apps were proved to collect sensitive data. This can be avoided by thorough checking of the permissions e.g. no geographical data is really needed for a flashlight app to function. Not only permissions but also some ads are able to spy on you. Thus, the best choice is an ad free app with minimal permissions.

So here is the collection of the most popular apps on Google Play. For me privacy is one of the most important factors, so Privacy Flashlight is my app of choice.

Privacy Flashlight

No network, storage or location permissions. Finally an app which definitely does not spy on us. No ads, which is a good point.



One of the most popular flashlight apps, simply called Flashlight, provides the core essentials for emergency situations beyond just being able to see in the dark. For example, the app has the basic flashlight function as well as the option to have it burst out in Morse code for SOS messages. Furthermore, Flashlight comes with a map and compass for outdoor navigation and the ability to change the color on the screen in case the screen is the preferred source of light as opposed to the LED light itself. With this, users are able to show distinctive colors of light with their phone screen in conjunction to the LED flashlight. Flashlight offers one of the best apps for an all-in-one toolkit for those who plan on utilizing it for outdoor applications and require additional tools such as a map, compass, or communication tool to broadcast Morse code messages.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

As one of the most established flashlight apps available, the Super-Bright LED Flashlight provides an interface that effectively represents that of an actual flashlight. Through replicating the physical layout of a flashlight, using the app is made extremely intuitive where users can “flip” a switch to turn it on, adjust the frequency of blinking, as well as “turn” the front knob to adjust the strobe light. Moving away from just a simple interface with a single button, the app is designed for those who are more familiar with traditional flashlights and effectively merges it into the form of an app, making it one of the most beautifully designed flashlight apps on the Google Play Store. The only downside to the Super-Bright LED Flashlight app is that it cannot utilize the screen as a source of light as this is where all of the controls are while other apps on this list can brighten the screen to use as an alternative light source rather than the LED light.

Flashlight Galaxy S7

Despite the name of the app, the Flashlight Galaxy S7 is compatible with a range of devices beyond just the Samsung Galaxy S7. With the highest degree of simplicity, the app offers one of the most intuitive controls for activating a flashlight compared to other apps. For example, upon opening the app, the flashlight automatically turns on. Furthermore, the screen only contains a single button in the middle to clearly indicate whether the LED light is on or not. Other available options of the Flashlight Galaxy S7 include the ability to toggle between a stable, flashing, or strobe light as well as selecting the color of the screen in the event that users want to use their screen instead of the LED light from the camera. Intuitive and designed with a simple interface, Flashlight Galaxy S7 is a must have for those who require the core features of a flashlight app.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

This app is almost too bright; I made the mistake of opening it while in total darkness, stared right at the screen and experienced a lapse of temporary blindness.

Brightest Flashlight Free

Nice app, although formerly said to collect private information. It doesn’t kill the battery, which is a very good point.


Similar to the previously mentioned apps, the Brightest Flashlight Free app is able to both activate the screen and LED light in order to illuminate dark settings. While these features are typically undifferentiating from others that are available, the app automatically turns off the flashlight after 2 minutes in order to preserve battery life in the event that it is left on by accident. As pocket dials and accidental clicks do occur without users knowing, the 2 minute limit ensures that the battery is not drained accidentally as a result of the flashlight being left on unintentionally. This is especially important with an app such as a flashlight as the use of a bright LED light or a fully brightened screen can typically use up a substantial amount of battery capacity in a short period of time. Through this safety-mechanism that the Brightest Flashlight Free app provides, it is one which can give a tremendous amount of value for those who are concerned about leaving their light on by accident.

Color Flashlight

I tried to ignore this app, but the crazy horde of fans wouldn’t let me. Who needs another flashlight app? Apparently, over fifty million Android device owners, most of who rate this utility app very highly. The reason – it isn’t an ordinary flashlight app. You can shine your phone’s flash or the screen itself as the light source. It features pulsing lights, changing colors, adding text and sound and a huge variety of other options so that you can use it to find your way in a theater, search for your lost dog in the dark, or signal the rescuers in a real emergency. It’s free. Get it and join the horde.

TeslaLED Flashlight

This awesome app has cool functions like being able to converse in Morse code and make your phone a virtual police screen light.


It’s a great accessory to have whether you are walking around you’re apartment in the dark for one reason or another, looking for something in a dark corner or to just get around late at night. All you have to do is click on your app and the light shine nice and bright.

Flashlight HD LED

Easy to use. The flashlight only works with the app open. Annoying full screen ads which can only be rid of by buying the pro version.

High-Powered Flashlight

There are 10 different frequencies available and a built in SOS signal is of great use. Super handy interface. For my phone, the light shines brighter than with any other flashlight apps.

Flashlight: LED Light

Sometimes the on/off switch does not work.  It uses camera light as well on front of phone.


Simple app with simple name. Camera can be turned on with double tap. As of privacy, there are no useless permissions.

Baby Night Light

I find this app to be really cool and can’t help but wonder how effective it is on a little one. You have the option of having it run for different amounts of time that span from forever to 5 minutes. You have the option of 10 different music settings and 6 different options under the color settings of which the lights change colors. It’s hard to tell it’s a night light when you first look at it but put it in a dark corner or turn off your lights for a second and you will see it come to life in a full fledged night light.


While not directly an app that is found on the Google Play Store, Torch is a quick setting that comes with many Android devices and is the most basic form of a flashlight possible. Without needing to download an additional app, the setting comes preloaded on the device and can be accessed by simply pulling down the quick settings menu and then selecting the Torch button. With this, all that the setting does is either turn on or off the flashlight with no additional functions. While only the most basic function is available with this setting, it provides an ideal solution to not having a flashlight and without the need for functionalities which are deemed non-essential or are heavier on memory resources.

As heavy-duty flashlights are typically expensive and inconvenient to carry around, utilizing one of the listed flashlight apps can alleviate the issues with having to purchase and store a flashlight. From flashlight apps that are designed for seeing and navigating in the dark to those that are meant for the utmost simplicity, many alternatives exist on the Google Play Store but the ones that are covered on this list stand out relative to the competition. However, as these apps leverage the LED camera that already exist on the mobile devices, using the flashlight or a brightened screen for a prolonged period of time can result in the battery being quickly drained.