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Mar 13, 2017

Activity and Fitness Tracker sales skyrocket across the globe. Every day you see more and more people wearing these devices, chasing their daily target of 10,000 steps. Wearable producers continuously add new devices to the market and just recently started to integrate competition features into their apps to boost long-term motivation. These features allow users to compare and compete with each other based on their fitness data.

The issue though is that challenges are limited to friends owning a device of the same brand. This requires users to either convince their family and friends to purchase the same fitness trackers or seek training partners through online forums on the internet. Competing and training all alone usually does not get you far. If you have ever signed up for a gym without a training partner, you know exactly what it means. Doing sports requires a social and competitive aspect to keep motivation up on the long-run. Look at successful athletes. They always train with a partner, and preferably with somebody who is even better to keep motivation up and get them pushing beyond their limits.

However, even if you find enough training and competition partners, functionality of the manufacturers’ apps is often basic and limited to comparing steps against each other. This is ok for runners and cyclists but if you are into a non-step-counting sport such as Rowing or Cross-Fit, you cannot benefit from these features.

The new app Fitrockr has taken on this challenge and implemented Social Fitness Leagues independent of a device brand or a sport type.

Fitrockr has implemented Social Fitness Leagues independent of a device brand or a sport type

First step is to set up a free account and connect a fitness tracker or wearable (e.g. Fitbit, Misfit, Withing, Garmin, GoogleFit compatible device, etc.). If you do not own an activity tracker, you can also use your smartphone as a tracker. As soon as the device is connected, you get thrown into the ring which is the “Global Fitrockr Championship”. It is a public league consisting of multiple divisions depending on the amount of users. As a newbie you will start in the lowest division and have to work your way up. The division structure works similar to a Soccer or NFL division where users collect points through activities to rank up during the season (calendar month). A thrilling component is that top athletes are promoted to a higher division while bottom athletes are relegated to a lower division at the end of each season. The ultimate glory is to win the premier division.

While improving your rank each season in the Global Fitrockr Championship, you are also collecting Leadership points depending on the rank you finished the season. For instance, rank 1 earns you six points while finishing among the Top 40 just gives you one point. These points determine your life-time Leadership rank across all users.

If you prefer privacy to compete in a closed groups, you can set up private leagues. Private leagues work similar but are closed groups where you can decide who is allowed to participate. This is ideal for sports clubs, companies or a group of friends.

A special Fitrockr feature is its internal activity points calculation algorithm which takes each user’s individual characteristics like age, weight, height and gender into account. This ensures comparability between all users and all type of sports. So, if you were ever into a fitness challenge with your grandma, this is your chance!

Developer: Fitrockr
Price: Free
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