Most of us have an inner geek and are fanatical fans of something. So why isn’t there a home for the millions – if not billions – of geeks where they can connect with others who share the same interests, are looking for a similar product or are attending the same event?

After attending several Comic Con events, Cosmunity CEO Cole Egger thought it was clear that a major piece was missing from the puzzle. When the convention ended and the dust had settled, many attendees were grumbling about ‘Post-Con Depression.’ Everyone was bummed that they had to leave their community and friends until the next event came to town.

Cosmunity offers a comic-style feed of photos, video, events and items for sale, easily accessed through the app.

That’s exactly where Cosmunity fits in. Cosmunity offers a comic-style feed of photos, video, events and items for sale, easily accessed through the app. Users can discuss the latest video games and movies, discover and follow favorite cosplayers, celebrities and friends, or grow a dedicated following of their own within this exclusively geek platform.

In addition, a wide variety of items are currently available for sale on the Cosmunity platform today, ranging from $5 to $38,000. Partnerships with individual craftsmen, artists and retailers offer fans a unique digital peer-to-peer shopping experience where geeks can find and purchase one-of-a-kind items they wouldn’t have found otherwise. Cosmunity integrates PayPal and AfterShip to ensure all transactions are tracked and handled securely, so users are confident that their unique item will arrive on-time and undamaged.

For most geeks, the highlight of their fandom is attending their favorite convention, event or show. For example, Comic Con, Anime Expo and E3 are just a few of the most popular events within the fandom community. Cosmunity wants to extend and build out this event experience, so it has a separate Events tab where users can find local happenings, and chat with other attendees before, during and after the event. It’s one more way to help users make meaningful connections.

Cosmunity is also a great opportunity for industry vendors to gain and interact with new fans across the country. Vendors can also list items for sale on the platform. One Cosmunity partner and comic book dealer, Metropolis Comics, currently owns the most expensive vintage comic book ever sold, the 1938 copy of Action Comics #1, graded CGC 9.0. It also recently listed a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 — which marks the first appearance of Spider-man — for sale on Cosmunity.

Cosmunity is currently sponsoring a contest for users to win $1,000 and two free tickets to a convention of their choice. To enter the sweepstakes, users simply need to share a Cosmunity post on a second social network using the #cosmunity hashtag for a chance to win.

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