When you’re trying to park valet or pay your restaurant bill, and you find yourself in a “cash only” pinch, MasterCard ATM Hunter is an ideal app to have on hand.

MasterCard ATM Hunter for your Android phone makes it easy to track down nearby ATMs, no matter where you are in the world. While I can’t speak for how the app works in all four corners of the globe (or even in Canada), I will say the app does its job well inside the United States.

From the app’s main menu, you’re able to search by current location, address or airport. When you search by location, MasterCard ATM Hunter taps into your phone’s GPS system to figure out where you are. Once it pinpoints exactly where you are, the app will display all of the nearby ATMs.

When you conduct a search, the app will list all of the nearby ATMs by proximity. The ones that are nearest to where you’re standing are listed first. When you click on one of the locations, you’re given the address of where it’s located, and the app tells you whether the ATM is at a bank, store, gas station, etc. You also have the option of seeing it on a map. Unfortunately, this app does not have a feature that provides turn-by-turn directions, like similar apps do.

Users can also customize their search based on their own banking needs. For instance, you can search for a specific financial institution in case you need to make a deposit. MasterCard ATM Hunter also allows you to filter your search by features: Drive-throughs, 24-hour service, wheelchair accessible, surcharge fees and deposit sharing.

A nice surprise I discovered while using this app was a list of financial tips on the phone’s menu key. These are helpful bits of insight that are supposed to help you be smarter with your money — and they actually did give me something to think about. For instance, tip 10 of 15 says “some international ATMs are available only during normal business hours. Hours may vary from country to country.”

This is a really useful app to have on hand. Because it’s free, there’s no reason not to download it.

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