We aren’t talking just boring financial news videos either. FOX has trendy business stories as well. For instance, I enjoyed the video on the founder of gotcast.com, who says even though the job market was down in July, his business is booming thanks to the reality TV job market thriving. The video quality and streaming is stellar on my Motorola Droid X.

Video isn’t all this business news app has to offer, either.

This news app is also a tool you can use to easily keep track of your stocks with a customizable “My Money” section. Simply search for your stock symbols and then select to add up to 10 on your personal money section. Select the stock to see a chart on performance over time. Also, the home screen has a feed of current news and market data so stay tethered to this app for all the latest financial tips and updates whether you are a money guru or novice.

If you are a huge fan of the FOX Business Network and just can’t live without it, this app also has a search function to locate a hotel near you on the road that carries the network. Or, enter your zip code to find the local FOX channel near you, no matter where you are located.